Valuing Diversity

    Victoria Police is committed to growing a workforce that is representative of the communities we serve. We value the different attributes, life experiences, capabilities and skills that each employee brings to our organisation. We value the diversity of age, gender, culture, religion and sexual orientation of our employees. Which is why, as an equal opportunity employer, we facilitate an environment which is inclusive and safe from discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation and bullying.

    See below the different areas of diversity within Victoria Police.


    To apply, you’ll need to be 18 years of age or older, with the Police and PSO roles requiring the addition of a VCE/VCAL or equivalent if you’re under 21.
    There is no maximum age limit for candidates as long as you can meet the requirements of the role as assessed via the recruitment process. We welcome a diverse age range of applicants and have recruited many talented individuals in the under 20 and over 50 age ranges, across all of our roles.
    So if you’ve reached a stage in your life where a policing career is a path you’d like to pursue, regardless of age, your life experience and expertise in a previous career can bring valuable skills to Victoria Police and the communities we serve.


    Gender balance in our workforce helps us provide a comprehensive and complimentary service within our organisation and to the community. Victoria Police as well as every other Police force across Australia, is focussed on developing a more gender balanced workforce. From application through to graduation and beyond, we are committed to achieving and maintaining gender balance across our policing roles.

    We commissioned the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) for an independent review to examine the sex discrimination and sexual harassment within the organisation. The report was a wake-up call that identified 20 recommendations to be implemented for long-term and lasting cultural change.

    As the changes we've already made start to take effect across the organisation we've been hearing some really great anecdotal feedback. Senior Sergeants are talking to their members about how they can work with them on career progression and overcoming any obstacles and barriers, which has already resulted in female officers and part-time officers taking on more senior roles. VEOHRC will deliver its final progress audit in 2018.


    Our workforce is made up of people from various culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This is important to us as, our employees bring a variety of attributes, life experiences and insights that enriches our organisation and enhances our service to the community.

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