Work-Life Balance

    Victoria Police is a family friendly employer. We provide 9 weeks rec leave, 14 weeks paid maternity leave and 2 weeks paternity leave for the Police and PSO roles. Shift work is a mandatory element for all policing roles and if you have never experienced shift work before, it may take some time to get used to. But once you are into the swing of shift work, you’ll find it can provide benefits that office hours can’t – such as being able to drop the kids off to school, take on some part-time studies, or indulge in a hobby. It’s about finding a work-life balance that works best for you and your family.

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    Rostered work schedule

    For Police and Protective Services Officer roles, you will be able to request your preferred locations, however this may not always be possible for the first 1-2 years in the role. For those with carer responsibilities, rosters are developed 4 weeks in advance to ensure you have time to plan for any assistance needed. You will be able to request specific days off in advance from your rostering Sergeant and be given the opportunity to swap shifts with your co-workers.

    Family is a priority

    At Victoria Police we understand the importance of family and we are committed to helping our employees achieve a good work-life balance. Our Welfare Services team are dedicated to assisting employees through difficult situations experienced on the job and at home to ensure you are supported in both facets of your life. And we structure our recreational, paid maternity and paternity leave to be as family friendly as possible.

    How we achieve work-life balance for each role

    • Police Officers are eligible to submit a request for flexible working arrangements i.e. part-time, after 2 years and 13 weeks from starting their Academy training, when officers are confirmed in their role as Police Constable and receive their Diploma of Policing.
    • Flexible work arrangement requests are always subject to the operational requirements where the requesting officer is based.
    • Shifts are 8 hours in length, across days, afternoons and nights.
    • You’ll earn 9 weeks of recreational leave and 14 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of paternity leave.
    • Upon confirmation, after 2 years’ service, members may be directed to transfer to a location anywhere in the State where you will remain for a minimum of two years.
    • Therefore, you’ll need to be prepared to move to a regional location in the early stages of your career. We take into account individuals’ circumstances when placements are allocated.  
    • Should you volunteer for a regional post in need of members, you will receive a ‘free kick’ to return to any location of your choice.  Most members who undertake rural work early in their career find the experience invaluable and rewarding.  
    • Opportunities exist in the more senior ranks to work Monday to Friday 9am-5pm hours across various corporate environments.
    • You’ll earn 9 weeks of recreational leave and 14 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 of weeks of paternity leave.
    • Shifts are 10 hours in duration and can start at 4 pm each day however there are additional Night Network shifts that commence at 8 pm each Friday and Saturday evening.
    • Victoria Police provides its employees with reasonable flexibility in working arrangements where operational and service delivery priorities allow, accommodating their personal circumstances. The Fair Work Act 2009 indicates that an employee, other than a casual, must complete 12 months continuous service with the employer immediately before making a request for flexible working arrangements i.e. part-time.
    • You’ll earn 5 weeks of recreational leave and 14 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of paternity leave. Shifts are 8 hours in length and start and finish times vary depending on the station location.
    • Day shifts start between 6am and 10am, afternoon shifts start between 2pm and 6pm and night shifts start between 10pm and 12 midnight.
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