At The Academy

    Your journey to becoming part of Victoria Police begins at the Victoria Police Academy at Glen Waverley. While you will be paid from day one of your training, you'll need dedication and commitment to succeed in a structured training environment.

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    All Police Officers start their career with 31 weeks of training at the Victoria Police Academy. 

    Training at the Victoria Police Academy is comprehensive and physically and academically challenging. Academy training hours are usually 7:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, but these hours may be varied to include some afternoon shifts. Specifically, weeks 18, 20 and 24 will be afternoon shifts, starting at 1:20pm and finishing at 8:40pm—Monday to Thursday inclusive. For these afternoon shifts, recruits who have carer responsibilities may need to secure additional support as required.

    Your days at the Academy will be divided between lectures, physical training and learning the operational skills necessary to carry out your duties.You may need to undertake additional study in the evenings and maintain your fitness outside of class times.

    Your initial training for the first 2 years and 12 weeks of your employment with Victoria Police is as follows:

    WEEK 1 – 12
    Your first week at the Academy will be an induction week, dedicated to familiarising recruits with Victoria Police as an organisation.
    Training at the Academy will commence with law, communication skills, drill, operational safety (including firearms) and community engagement.
    You will be sworn in at the end of week 12, when you will start POL50115 Diploma of Policing, this is issued by Victoria Police RTO (Registered Training Organisation), RTOID:4578

    WEEK 13 – 31
    Training continues at the Academy in addition to performing duties at a police station, undertaking public order response training and working on the divisional van attending family violence incidents.
    Your duties will be expanded over time as you gain knowledge, skills and experience.

    WEEK 32 – 52
    You will undertake post Academy placements with a police station as a first responder and spend time with the road policing unit, including highway patrol and RPDAS (road policing and alcohol section – booze bus).

    WEEK 53 – 116
    You will complete your driver training and receive a silver driver’s licence.
    Your appointment will be confirmed and you will be deployed to a training station as a general duties police officer with further on the job task to complete.

    At the end of this period, if you have completed all of the requirements for the Diploma of Policing, you are confirmed in your role as a Police Constable and receive your Diploma.

    This initial training is just the beginning. As a Victoria Police member you will continue to undergo job-specific training throughout your career.

    Upon appointment to Victoria Police, you may be deployed to any location within the state as determined by operational needs.

    Applicants who have approval to live-in at the Academy during their training will have access to computers, extensive physical training facilities and an environment conducive to study.  Recruits residing within the Academy during their training period will be required to pay a fee which is currently set at $473.80 per fortnight and includes meals and accommodation.

    From 1 January 2017, the introduction of a new Academy Smoking Policing will see all areas of the Victoria Police Academy smoke-free for employees, except for two designated smoking points.
    This applied to all employees, visitors and contractors while on the Academy premises.
    Smoking will only be permitted during designated breaks at the nominated smoking points.

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