Pay, Leave, Benefits and Conditions of Work



Do I get paid while training at the Victoria Police Academy?

Yes, recruits are paid a salary whilst training. During the first 12 weeks you will be paid $47,686 per annum.  At the end of Week 12 you will be sworn in as a constable at which time you will be paid $65,510 per annum.  

How much will I get paid when I graduate?

Once you are sworn in as a constable you will be paid $65,510 per annum.  In addition, there are shift penalties and overtime payments available. Each year salary increments increase with the Enterprise Bargaining agreement if members qualify under their Professional Development Assessment.

Will I pay tax?

Yes, income as a Police Officer like any member of Victoria Police (employee in Australia) is a taxable income.

What superannuation scheme does Victoria Police contribute to?

Contributions to Emergency Services Super Fund can be salary packaged. Victoria Police staff are members of the Emergency Services Super Fund. For further information about the ESS visit

What are my leave entitlements once I leave the Victoria Police Academy?

Police Officers are entitled to the following:

  • Five weeks recreation leave per year with an additional 2 weeks in lieu of public holidays and a further 10 days accrued time off in lieu of the 38 hour week.  This equates to 9 weeks leave.
  • Sick leave of 15 days per year. (accruing)
  • A range of other generous leave entitlements; including maternity and paternity leave,  study leave and defence force leave.
  • Long service leave after 7 and a half years of service

Can I work part-time?

Police Officers are eligible to submit a request for flexible working arrangements i.e. part-time, after 2 years and 13 weeks from starting their Academy training, when officers are confirmed in their role as Police Constable and receive their Diploma of Policing.

Flexible work arrangement requests are always subject to the operational requirements where the requesting officer is based.

What kind of shifts will I be expected to work?

Victoria Police provides a 24-hour, seven day-a-week service, therefore as a Constable you will be required to work a variety of shifts associated with particular duties and locations. This includes weekends, night shifts and public holidays. The arrangement for ordinary hours of work is described in the The Victoria Police Force Enterprise Agreement 2011. The ordinary hours of work for full-time members is 80 hours per fortnight arranged within various shifts to suit service delivery needs. Intrusive hours (0100 hours to 0700hours) and unsociable hours (1800 to 0100 Monday to Friday and 0700 to 0100hours Saturday and Sunday) attract shift allowances for each of these hours worked.

Is there any flexibility afforded regarding a work roster?

Yes, depending on operational requirements, reasonable requests for flexibility will be considered in light of the workplace in question.

Where will I be posted during the probationary period?

You will be attached to a metropolitan 24 hour station during your probationary period. You may elect to undertake this training at a country station which may be facilitated if there is a vacancy at that location. You will not be posted to a country station during your probationary period unless you nominate to be.

Please note upon appointment to Victoria Police you will be required to perform a range of shifts including afternoon, night shifts and weekends to meet policing and community needs.

Also, you may be required to perform duty at any location within Victoria as determined by Victoria Police.

Where will I be posted after my probationary period?

If you nominate a country location, and if there is a vacancy available, you may be transferred to that location at the end of your probationary period (2 years). If there is not a vacancy at that nominated station, you may be transferred to another country station in the vicinity. Once transferred you must remain in that position for a minimum of two years.

If you do not nominate a country location you will be matched to a metropolitan location where you must remain for a minimum of two years.

Will the fact that I have a family and/or mortgage be taken into account when determining my posting?

Victoria Police recognises the need for work-life balance but all decisions regarding postings are made on operational requirements. You must be prepared to be posted anywhere within the state of Victoria at the Chief Commissioner’s discretion.

I have heard about a ballot process.  What is this?

In circumstances where an urgent need arises a ballot may be required to fill a 'special position'. These positions are generally located in country areas that from time to time have not been filled by internal transfer methods.  In this situation, those members at the end of their probationary period that have not been allocated a position may be transferred to one of these positions. Allocation of these positions is conducted via a ballot process.

Members that have elected to be transferred to a country station will not be subject to the ballot process.

If balloted, you will be required to remain at the location for a minimum of two years but can stay as long as you like after that.

Can I take leave while I am training at the Academy?

Unfortunately you cannot take leave during training unless it’s leave allocated by the Education Department. Training at the Academy is physically and mentally demanding, there’s a lot to fit in during your training and it will take all your dedication to succeed.

Does Victoria Police offer further training / study opportunities?

Training is ongoing for first two years as a Probationary Constable. Study leave is available post probationary stage. Further in-house courses and training are available.