For further information on the exam and how to prepare, please download the Police Recruit Information Booklet below which is a free resource guide that includes sample exam questions for you to test yourself.

    The exam will include the following components:
    1.  Verbal Reasoning Assessment
    2.  Numerical Reasoning Assessment
    3.  Abstract Reasoning Assessment
    4.  English Skills Test (multiple choice)
    5.  Summary Writing Assessment
    6.  Extended Writing Assessment
    7.  Oral Communications Assessment
    8.  Computer Skills Assessment

    If you do not pass at the Police standard, but do pass at the Protective Services Officer (PSO) standard, some applicants may be offered the opportunity to change streams into the PSO application process.

    Applicants will be responsible for all examination costs, including the initial exam ($160) and any subsequent re-sits.

    After booking your exam, you will receive an electronic ticket seven (7) days prior to the sitting date and will not be able to change the session date and time beyond this point.

    You must bring a printed copy of your electronic ticket to your exam sitting; failure to do so will result in you not being allowed entry into the exam.

    If you do not arrive at the venue at the time stated on your ticket and/or if you are not able to present a printed ticket, you will not be permitted to sit the exam. However, you may apply to ACER (the Victoria Police Examiner Authority) for an exemption in order to re-book for a future date.

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