Salary and Benefits

    A career as a PSO offers excellent work benefits, including a great salary and superannuation package. You will be paid to train and learn as a recruit from day one in the Victoria Police Academy.

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    From the first day of your training course at the Victoria Police Academy, you will begin on your base salary of $62,066.

    Upon graduation from the Victoria Police Academy due to the hours you will be working, you will be entitled to shift allowances on top of your salary.

    As a sworn member of Victoria Police you will be entitled to 7 weeks recreation leave per year with an additional 10 days accrued time off per year. The additional 10 days is granted because you will work a 40 hour week but be paid for 38 hours.

    Along with recreation leave, Protective Services Officers are entitled to sick leave of 15 days per year and a range of other leave entitlements, including maternity and paternity leave, study leave and long service leave of three months on full-pay, or six months on half-pay after 10 years of service. It is possible to access your accrued long service leave on a pro-rata basis after seven years of service.


    Victoria Police provides its employees with reasonable flexibility in working arrangements where operational and service delivery priorities allow, accommodating their personal circumstances.  The Fair Work Act 2009 indicates that an employee, other than a casual, must complete 12 months continuous service with the employer immediately before making a request for flexible working arrangements i.e. part-time.  


    Victoria Police – join the club!
    It's more than a job; it’s a career with networks.
    Working for Victoria Police provides access to an endless array of social and sporting clubs. Whether you are wanting to increase your fitness/skill levels in a specific sport or try something completely new, the choice is yours.

    From beginners through to seasoned athletes, everyone is welcome, so get involved. Victoria Police sporting and recreational club memberships are available for all employees, with many clubs offering associate memberships where family and friends can also participate. Some of the sports represented include: alpine sports; angling; basketball; cricket; cycling; football; golf; hockey; motor sports; netball; rugby; shooting; soccer; outdoor pursuits; touch football; and many more.

    There are a number of police and emergency services competitions, which are fantastic opportunities to compete, travel interstate and overseas, develop friendships and maintain fitness. Victoria Police encourages all members of varying fitness levels to participate, challenge themselves and build their professional and social networks. 

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