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    Meet a member of the PSO team. Find out what attracted them to the role in the first place and why they think it’s a challenging and rewarding career.

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    Meet Matthew Taliana. Matthew works as a PSO and has previously served as a Loss Prevention Officer. We met up with Matthew at Footscray Railway Station to discuss his role as a PSO.

    VPR: Why did you apply to be a PSO?

    I was a Loss Prevention Officer for approximately 7 years arresting shoplifters and I had a passion for law enforcement, so I used the PSO program as a stepping stone towards a future within the police force.

    VPR: What does a regular shift usually entail?
    Our shift starts at 1600 hrs at Footscray Police station. We complete any paperwork that needs to be done and kit up. Then at approximately 1700 hrs, a safety briefing is conducted by determining any issues or current trends. After the briefing we head out to our allocated railway stations and commence patrolling.


    VPR: What do you think that the main misconception about a career in policing is?
    The main misconception about being a PSO is that it’s all about arresting offenders, however this is not the case. It’s all about visual presence and helping members of the community with the services that we have available.


    VPR: Can you tell us about a memorable moment on the job?
    My most memorable moment on the job is the one that I felt made a difference within the community. This occurred when PSO JONES and I were at North Williamstown Railway Station one evening and observed a young female on the train that appeared distressed. As we spoke to the young female she informed us that she was suffering from several personal issues. We informed her that we were able to help, so she came with us. We organised several services for the female which assisted her in getting her life back on track. Several days later, PSO JONES and I received a thank you letter from the female.


    VPR: What advice would you give to people thinking about applying?
    If you enjoy helping members of the public and making a difference, then this is the right job for you.

    VPR: What’s it like working for Victoria Police as an organisation?
    Working for Victorian Police is a great opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills which assists with keeping everyone safe. It is a professional organisation that caters for all walks of life and personal flexibility.

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