Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' As PSOs

    Mel Peters, Leading Senior Constable "As a police officer of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, I feel I can really make a positive difference in my community"

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    Victoria Police strives to be an employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To meet this goal, Victoria Police launched an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Plan in 2014 to create employment and career development opportunities in a supportive and inclusive environment.  

    As a PSO, you will work at a Victorian train station likely to be based in Melbourne where you will be responsible for protecting community members that use the train network. As a PSO, you will hold a high degree of responsibility and therefore this role suits people with high integrity, who are community minded, problem/solution orientated and who are able to communicate well.  

    If a career as a PSO is something that you have been thinking about and you want to understand more about whether it is the right choice for you, please email rsbmarketing@police.vic.gov.au.

    Or alternatively apply today and begin the journey to embark on a remarkable career.

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